Hames Sharley SD-WAN Redesign



Hames Sharley specialises in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

NEXION built a new national network to connect Hames Sharley offices, and is underpinned by a Fortinet fabric solution. The upgrade aims to improve services for both clients and internal staff while doing so with a lower footprint.

New Infrastructure

This refresh replaced the existing infrastructure routers and access devices currently deployed in the six Hames Sharley offices as well as providing infrastructure as a service utilizing NEXION OneCloud infrastructure. Inter-site connectivity is provided through the implementation of a Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) managed by Fortinet infrastructure.

NEXION Networks provided the following services:

The Problem

  • Paying too much for network connectivity and support
  • Terrible service with existing provider

How NEXION Solved Client Issues

  • Worked with the tier1 carriers to get the best rates on network connectivity
  • Nimble, flexible delivery with a dedicated project manager and account manager
  • Worked on their timelines even through COVID
  • Worked with Macquarie telecom to provide easy changeover

List of features / benefits provided

  • Single pane of glass management of firewalls, switches, access points via Fortinet SD-WAN allowing for fully integrated management of the entire network
  • Automation of endpoint management software installation via FortiEMS which includes anti-virus
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The Client

NEXION Networks

NEXION Networks is a Leading Global Cloud, Security, Networking & Data Centre Company.

Enquiries: info@nexionnetworks.com
Service Desk: servicedesk@nexionnetworks.com

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