NEXION W1 Data Centre

Co-location services with a very high level of security, reliability, and availability.

NEXION W1 offer industry benchmark power densities, availability, and power usage effectiveness.

NEXION W1 is designed to suit customers with broad-ranging requirements of rack layout, power density, cooling and communications. Basic co-location services are complemented by a full range of hardware and IT management support services provided on a 24/7 basis. NEXION W1 offers cross-connection to all major telecommunications providers in Australia and direct access to most of the common software-defined network (SDN) and Cloud service providers.

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NEXION W1 Data Centre features diverse mains power feeds from diverse grid paths and transformer locations.


NEXION W1 Data Centre is equipped with UPS filtered power through 3 x 500KVA APC MGE Galaxy 5000 UPS providing a robust and redundant conditioned power supply. The UPS is fed by multiple battery backup banks designed to run the data centre for more than 10 minutes at full load. Each rack in the data centre is fed directly from the UPS to avoid any potential power failure.

Power surge protection is inherent in the use of the UPS system. Tolerance is set to .001 seconds, upon which the centre will automatically switch to battery and then generator power once it is online. Each rack is fitted with a surge-protected power rail for increased redundancy


NEXION W1 Data Centre has 3 x 1375kVA diesel generators installed in a secure segregated area within the facility. In an N+1 configuration, the generators will begin operating within 30 to 60 seconds of a power surge or power failure. Switchover is automatic upon reaching appropriate generated power levels and continues until mains power is reliably restored.

The generator(s) can run unattended for up to 24 hours at maximum load. A diesel fuel supply contract has been secured with a fuel transport company to guarantee continuous fuel supply in the event of an emergency. This ensures that customers can benefit from a guaranteed ongoing power supply, irrespective of any potential power failures. Testing is performed monthly to ensure continued operation within specification.


Air Chillers:

NEXION W1 is using Emerson and APC in Row Cooling Units are coupled to the 2 x York & 1 X Carrier Liquid Screw Chillers with variable speed drive in an N+1 Redundancy configuration as its air cooling system.

Precision Cooling:

  • NEXION W1 is using In-row cooling technology which is a type of air conditioning system commonly used in data centres in which the cooling unit is placed between the server cabinets in a row for offering cool air to the server equipment more effectively.
  • The In-row cooling systems use a horizontal airflow pattern utilising hot aisle/cold aisle Configurations and they only occupy one-half rack of row space without any additional side Clearance space.
  • Typically, each unit is about 12 inches wide by 42 inches deep. These units are used as a supplement to raisedfloor cooling (creating a plenum to distribute conditioned air) and also as the primary cooling source on a slab floor.
  • Precision Cooling Systems sit in-between the racks and deliver a cool airflow to where you need it most. Rather than cooling the whole room in areas where cooling may not be needed, you can deliver chilled airflow only to the area that requires it.
  • NEXION W1 is utilising both Emerson and APC in row cooling system as described below.

Fire Detection & Supression:

NEXION W1 Data Centre has a comprehensive fire detection and management system for use within the facility. The facility boasts its own Fire Control Panel with several separate zones.

This configuration is designed to minimise impact on equipment in unaffected areas of the centre. A VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Appliance) Aspirating Smoke Detection System has been installed to allow swift detection of any smoke or heat generated incidents. This system works by drawing air through a network of pipes to a detector. The air sample is then analyzed to identify whether or not there is smoke in the monitored area. This system provides very early warning of a smoldering component allowing for proactive measures to be taken.

FM200 fire retardant gas has been installed to ensure that any fires are controlled effectively and promptly with as little disruption to equipment as possible. FM200 gas is deployed under instruction from the VESDA system. The gas removes all oxygen from the monitored zone via a chemical reaction, effectively extinguishing any fire. The FM200 system is supplemented by Australian Standards approved fire extinguishers for the possibility of smaller fires that do not require the use of the FM200.

Raised, Anti-Static Floors:

NEXION W1 Data Centre has 600m² of raised anti-static flooring across two data halls. Under floor space has a clearance of 900mm and has been reserved for the use of chilled cooling loops, data and power cabling. The structural floor is sealed to prevent dust and moisture ingress. A tile lifter is used to lift the tiles to access the cooling loops, data and power cabling underneath the floor tiles.

Halls and Racks

Data Hall 1:

Data Hall 1 has several data pods using Emerson in-row cooling system and directly coupled to the York and Carrier liquid screw chillers. The Emerson in-row cooling unit draws warm exhaust air directly from the hot aisle, cools it and distributes it to the cold aisle. This ensures that inlet temperatures are steady for precise operation. Coupling the air conditioning with the heat source produces an efficient direct return air path; this is called “close coupled cooling,” which also lowers the fan energy required. In-row cooling also prevents the mixing of hot and cold air, thus increasing efficiency.

Data Hall 2:

Data Hall 2 is predominantly using APC InfraStruXure In-Row RC Cooling Units. With the use of this units, the average operational cost is significantly reduced compared to traditional methods of cooling and it is even easier to implement a redundant cooling solution. Precision cooling systems step up or down to meet the required cooling in the right place at the right time. Save money on energy cost, direct InRow cooling eliminates unnecessary usage after office hours or at other times when power consumption is reduced. The APC InRow™ RC Units have the following features:

  • Active Response Controls – Monitor and actively adjust cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures
  • Predictable Cooling – Placing the unit in the row of racks moves the source of cooling closer to the heat load. This eliminates air mixing and provides predictable cooling architecture
  • Dual A-B power inputs – Draws power from the UPS for power protection with dual feeds for redundancy
  • In-Row architecture – Supports modular expansion allowing for increased cooling for high density applications
  • Cooling capacity of up to 18kW


Biometric Security:

All access to NEXION W1, whether by staff or clients, is recorded via proximity cards. A monitored mantrap is used to verify the personnel entering by means of stored images of authorised clients and a IP CCTV camera continuously monitors all entry points and rack aisles. Individually keyed racks ensure that only customers and our operations staff have access to equipment. The facility itself has no windows or other access points.

Security Surveillance:

NEXION W1 is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All areas including (but not limited to) the access points, Network Operating Centre, exterior cabling and exterior property are video monitored and recorded. Each aisle and cage entry point within the facility is also recorded by comprehensive CCTV coverage

Physical Security:

NEXION W1 is protected by security fence and remote-controlled gate providing additional security to the car parking area and facility in general.


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