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NEXION Networks is a leading global Cloud and Technology company with capabilities in full end-to-end enterprise ICT solutions including public, private and hybrid cloud, global security fabric, networking and datacentre. We remove the complexity of managing and integrating IT & telco by becoming your end-to-end ICT provider.

As we own our own DataCentre and run an industry-leading Hybrid Cloud OneCloud, we are able to offer Australia’s leading ICT solutions set under one company and provider. This not only saves time and money, but provides certainty in the design of solutions and preventing interoperability errors and major project risks.

Digital transformation has caused today’s enterprise networks to become hybrid, complex, and geographically dispersed. Enterprises with legacy data centre architectures are struggling to keep up with the continuous movement of business-critical applications, services, and sensitive data to multiple clouds. Difficulties in implementing end-to-end security, SD-WAN, Cloud and hybrid applications have emerged as the main roadblock preventing these enterprises from accelerating their on-ramp to the cloud and successfully adopting a multi-cloud environment while maintaining business continuity. Our global business model is to support companies based in either country via a single supplier model. Accelerating the on-ramp to the cloud requires a new and innovative approach – Security-Driven Networking – that allows enterprises to architect networks that deliver seamlessly integrated end-to-end security realized by solutions such as Secure SD-WAN from branch locations and high-performance secure connectivity through data centres.

We are a leading security, infrastructure and cloud provider and work with all major global vendors.  Our model for any modern enterprise is to work as part of your team, in one or all aspects of your ICT requirements such as Managed Services, IaaS, Cloud and Secure Networking. With the reach, skills and experience to offer services associated with traditional Tier Telco’s, but the agility and flexibility to build products and support that meets you requirements not a product list, make NEXION Networks a serious contender in this expanding market. Add our DataCentre ownership, our global agreement with Equinix (Part of Equinix global fabric) and our unparalleled relationships with the global leading vendors, and we are in a position of expansion that no other company in our sector is currently facing. Public cloud services market in Australia is poised to grow 87 per cent over the next three years reaching $10.3 billion by 2022, with our vendor support and bleeding edge IoT applications and agile model, we plan to grow rapidly in this area.

NEXION Networks’ product offering covers all aspects of Global Cloud, Co-Location, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Advanced Cyber Security Fabric Solutions, Collaboration, Data Networks, Internet, and Secure SD-WAN Solutions. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) includes Hosted Firewall, Enterprise Cloud Storage-as-a-Service, Web Application Firewalls and Secure Virtualised Computing Services. Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions include SIEM, Hosted Email Security, NEXION OneCentre (management and analytics).

We are partners with major global ICT vendors and offer enterprise whole of ICT infrastructure solutions, including bespoke project design and delivery. All our solutions are underpinned by enterprise security and reduced complexity.

NEXION Networks offer a unique combination of Telecommunications, Data and Networking skills with Enterprise IT, Cloud, Service Desk and Consultancy. This combination sets us apart in the market, as we cover all business communication and IT requirements in one provider.

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