Cloud Compute

Remove the capex costs of infrastructure

Our private, public or hybrid virtual machine solution allows modern enterprises to access virtual machines quickly and securely, all interconnected.

This meshed private and public approach, allows us to offer a true hybrid solution to customers looking for an ideal environment for creating operating system backups and running software or applications without the need for new hardware.

Business decisions quicker with VMs

Rather than having a large number of individual computers running at all times, using power and requiring backup, UPS and server room space, companies now turn to Virtual Machines VMs for scalability. We have built a vast array of virtual machines for access via our Data Centre, secure and reliable.

Looking to move to the cloud? This requires a consolidated approach to the move and shift of compute resources. Our approach offers a hybrid solution, between our VM’s in our Data Centre and Public Cloud in AWS, Azute etc. We help plan and manage this transition in a tailor and customised step by step process.

It's a journey to cloud

With years of proven experience and highly skilled engineers, we will work with you and your business on a clear and defined move to cloud strategy. This will consider all aspects of private and public cloud offerings, costs and availability to consider impacts on your network and the bossiness as a whole.

As we own the Data Centre that houses the cloud, we can offer a true hybrid solution and a path to cloud over a period, without costly network upgrades or multiple contracts over multiple providers. Turn to us to help you move to cloud, in a secure, planned and tailored approach.

Continuous Optimisation

Move fast, scale big, worry less, and reduce your business costs with up to 70% savings on your cloud spend.


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