BaaS and DRaaS

Back Up as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service

Fast, secure cloud-based backup and replication

To keep your business growing and your customers happy, you need to make sure your (and their) data is always available and fully protected, no matter where it resides — on premises, at a remote site, or in the cloud. Yet your daily operations can be brought to a halt in an instant by any number of threats — cyber-attacks, hardware failures, natural disasters or even human error.

Even a few moments of downtime can have a significant impact on your profitability, productivity and brand reputation, so it’s critical that you can recover swiftly and painlessly. To avoid this costly impact, you need to ensure your data is protected off site for when the unexpected happens, with a solution that is easy to use, scalable and affordable.

The 3-2-1-1-0 Rule

To achieve full protection of your data, industry experts recommend a backup and disaster recovery strategy that meets the 3-2-1 Rule: at least 3 different copies of data, on 2 (or more) different media, with at least 1 off site. This best practice helps you prepare for the worst while keeping backup and recovery simple and effective. NEXION Networks has taken this a step farther to address nearly any failure scenario, with the 3-2-1-1-0 Rule:

Three different copies of data

Two different media

One offsite copy

Of which is: offline air-gapped or immutable

No errors after automated backup testing & recoverability verification

NEXION Networks utlises Veeam-powered BaaS & DRaaS

NEXION Networks offers fast and secure backup and recovery for data centers, endpoints, and the cloud, all from a single web based console. Getting started is as simple as selecting a service provider from our global network of partners and pointing your backup or replica jobs to the cloud with a few simple clicks. It’s really that easy.

No more wrestling with legacy backup systems or babysitting redundant tasks, and no need to invest in the up-front costs of a second site. Protect your data no matter the location or workload type with powerful backup and instant recovery options.

Data protection whatever the workload

NEXION Networks cloud solution is built into Veeam Backup & Replication™, a 4-in-1 backup and recovery solution for storage snapshots, backups, replicas and continuous data protection in a single solution. Veeam is the industry leader, ensuring secure and reliable protection for your cloud, virtual and physical workload needs.

Veeam: The global leader in data protection

NEXION Networks

NEXION Networks is a Leading Global Cloud, Security, Networking & Data Centre Company.

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