Case Study: Transitex

Transitex Solves China Connectivity Issues with NEXION to Save an Estimated 13,000 Euros Per Month in Lost Productivity

Transitex is a global logistics provider headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal with offices in 23 countries across the world. Since its founding in 2002, the company has grown from Europe into Africa, Latin America, North America and Asia.

The Challenges

Transitex frequently works with many exporters in China. For every export process, their Shanghai-based team opens a new order in LogiQstar, the company’s ERP system located in a data center in Portugal, to be sent to one of Transitex’s many destination offices across the globe. For each of these orders, the Shanghai team often needs to attach 20-30 pieces of critical documentation.

Because of the Great Firewall of China, however, Transitex’s Shanghai team would often lose connectivity. During downtime, which totaled around 100 days per year, they wouldn’t be able to access critical applications including their ERP system, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics 365. This would hold up business to the tune of an estimated 13,000 Euros per month in lost productivity.

These connectivity issues were compounded by the challenge of having a lean IT team of three based in headquarters in a very different time zone.

Our colleagues in China now feel as if they’re working in our headquarters in Portugal instead of 10,000+ kilometers away.

Miguel Palmela
Head of Digital Transformation, Transitex


After deploying Aryaka SmartSecure Remote Access through their key IT business partner Cloud365 (, Transitex’s China connectivity issues were resolved immediately. The Shanghai office now experiences 100% availability. No downtime means no missed revenue opportunities.

Additionally, Transitex’s IT team is able to leverage the 24/7 support team as part of NEXION’s managed services to solve any potential challenges before they become networking issues.

Transitex Results with NEXION and Aryaka

100% Availability

Estimated 156,000 Euros annually in cost savings

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