Case Study: KAWO

Social Media Start-Up KAWO Provides Reliable Network Performance for Global Users with Aryaka

KAWO is an enterprise social media platform that helps companies manage and streamline their China-based social media including WeChat, Weibo and Douyin.  The venture-backed startup was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. As Co-Founder Alex Duncan puts it, “e challenges for marketing teams wasn’t so much the complexities of the platforms for these big organizations, but instead the internal approvals. Marketing is a team sport. Spreadsheets, PowerPoints and email chains don’t make for great marketing, so we’ve built this platform to keep everyone aligned.”

Company Profile

Industry: Marketing / Technology
Company Size: 12 Employees

The Challenge

KAWO’s primary customer database includes globally dispersed companies with teams who need to collaborate overseas and across varying time zones. Because the KAWO application allows real-time communication and collaboration, they needed to ensure that application performance was reliable and fast in every part of the world. Yet at the same time, as a lean start-up, KAWO needed to reduce complexity.

The challenge for us as a small team is that we’re dealing with a very complex environment both inside and outside of China. We have to make sure our applications load fast and all over the world without increasing huge complexity on our side with data replication.
Alex Duncan
Co-Founder and Product Lead, KAWO

The Solution

KAWO embraced a very data-driven approach to solving their connectivity issues by testing multiple vendors, ultimately selecting Aryaka for the stable global performance and unmatched managed services.

After deploying Aryaka, KAWO was able to provide fast, stable performance to their customers all over the globe and add new features to their platform, such as video uploading, that wasn’t possible on their previous network.

KAWO Results with NEXION and Aryaka

Stable network performance

24/7 Customer support

NEXION Networks

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