NEXION & Aryaka

Principal partner across Australia and NZ to drive the adoption of Global SD-WAN and SASE solutions

Global SD-WAN and SASE solutions

Within a booming cloud market, this makes NEXION the only fusion partner in the region, wholly assigned to deliver out Aryaka’s full growth and channel agreement.

First of its kind, multi-country partnership

It has been a new – first of its kind, multi-country partnership that has provided extensive capacity for technical and global channel recourses, on the back of local skills combined with an extensive global backing.

NEXION markets and sells Aryaka’s SD-WAN solutions and network services across the region, providing secure service edge (SASE) deployments.

Key Clients Benefits of the partnership include:

NEXION Networks and Aryaka Partnership

The solution is perfect for adoption by large resellers, and our passionate and driven team are committed to the growth and global expansion that this partnership allows to bring these companies unrestricted access to anywhere in the world.

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Case Study - IBM/ATCO Gas

We provided an Aryaka Smart Connect to IBM/ATCO Gas which delivered a critical link from Australia to Canada. The customer’s existing link was due to be cancelled at alarmingly short notice and we were able to completely resolve the issue by instantly spinning up a dual factor critical link to replace it with, allowing for seamless business continuity.

Any other companies out there looking at SD-WAN on a global scale, should get in touch to discuss the extensive benefits the partnership between Aryaka and NEXION can bring to your business.

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