Ten Gigabit Adelaide Partnership to Deliver High-Performance Data & Security

TPG Telecom and NEXION Networks are working together as alliance partners in a national effort to address the growing requirement for data and security,” said Bart Duys, Sales Manager, SA at TPG.

Ten Gigabit Adelaide will truly elevate the City of Adelaide to the title of a Smart City, with the installation of Australia’s first 10Gbps Fibre Optic Network. It represents a great growth opportunity for businesses and organisations with a plan for it to be rolled out to 1,000 selected buildings across the CBD.

Mr Duys said, “As the second-largest internet provider in Australia, TPG is primarily focused on an infrastructure play and prides itself on an ultra-high capacity network.”

NEXION Networks steps in to complete the picture for the end customer as a global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions.

“Both organisations are completely aligned in providing unparalleled performance and ease of management, all coupled with significant savings.”

The Ten Gigabit Adelaide project exemplifies these mantras and is overseen by the City of Adelaide’s desire to empower and facilitate economic growth through the digital economy.

“This one-of-a-kind project, put simply, will turn Adelaide into the Silicon Valley of Australia. TPG together with NEXION Networks are proud to stand at the precipice of this innovative project.”

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