NEXION Networks Launches Channel Model

NEXION Networks are proud to launch a new Channel-focused area of the business as our product sets expand to cover all aspects of IT and Communications. With the securing of large global enterprise contracts in our Data Centre purchased off Datacom in 2018, we have seen a rapid increase in local IT companies turning to NEXION W1 for Data Centre and Colocation services, due to the access to other areas of the solution set. The unique ability to offer Secure global access to NEXION OneCloud, OneCentre and Networks across all locations, in one partner, is driving rapid adoption of a channel model. Local, National and Global IT Partners can now access the full suite of ICT Cloud Services via one supplier, therefore delivering reduced costs on their own business and ability to respond to a full range of projects.

Our Channel Partners can access a full suite of ICT Cloud services including, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Fortinet Security Fabric and Firewall as a Service, Virtual Machines and Secure Virtualised Computing Services over the Internet with SDN. Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions includes SIEM, Email Security, Hosted Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Network Access Control and Cloud Security Management Portal. NEXION Networks offer our channel partners across Asia-Pacific and the Globe full secure access to Industry-leading cloud-connected solutions.

Many IT companies don’t want to spend large sums of investment into tier-one hardware and software to provide enterprise cloud solutions, such as Pure, Cohesity, Cisco and Fortinet. With the NEXION Channel, they can now access pay as you use services available across Australia and into Singapore and London. This also allows IT companies that don’t specialise in specific areas, such as Security, Networks, Storage and or Voice, to provide a broader range of solutions to their customers.

Contact our Channel Sales Team for more info.