Storage as a Service

Enterprise All-Flash Storage

It’s Flash! Storage as a Service – PURE Storage ES2. we now offer our customers Pure Storage’s Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) model. ES2 is a pay-per-use on-premise storage offering that gives enterprises the benefits of the public cloud coupled with the high degree of enterprise flexibility, availability, security, performance, and efficiency of Pure’s all-flash storage.

NEXION Networks is an Australian enterprise solutions provider with a portfolio of solutions including cloud, security, data centre and telecommunications. The adoption of the ES2 model from Pure Storage follows a significant period of growth for NEXION, which opened a new office in Adelaide in January this year. In July, it took over the Belmont data centre in Perth, now NEXION W1 DC, where it has built and managed its own cloud offering.

With NEXION Network’s adoption of Pure Storage’s ES2 model, organisations have the option to flex their operational costs up and down based on their storage requirements as they grow. ES2 allows existing Pure Storage customers to adapt to fluctuating capacity requirements and add to their storage demands without a large capital commitment. By making storage accessible on a consumption model utilising Pure Storage’s industry-leading ES2, NEXION Networks has provided an avenue for storage to become as flexible, cost-effective and adaptable as other parts of the business.

The partnership between NEXION Networks and Pure Storage allows the two organisations to take enterprise-class storage and provide a model that’s easy for Enterprise businesses to adopt.

Hyperconverged Secondary Storage

Cohesity is the industry-leading platform for hyperconverged secondary storage solutions. NEXION Networks has been selected as Cohesity’s first Australian cloud service provider and appointed as an authorised reseller of Cohesity’s broad range of solutions for secondary data.

As a Cohesity cloud service provider, NEXION Networks will now be able to deliver a broad and differentiated range of multi-tenant or single-tenant secondary data services from one web-scale, hyperconverged platform and help organisations derive the most value from their secondary data. These service offerings include backup, archive, disaster recovery, filer, object storage, test/dev, and analytics with the aim of providing a consistent customer experience across an array of clouds including leading public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Your Hybrid Cloud Journey Just Got A Lot Easier

Pure Data-Centric Architecture provides all the storage services you need – block, VM, file, or object – to consolidate everything. Power your databases, virtual machines, containers, analytics, and webscale apps, with effortless all-flash shared accelerated storage performance and enterprise-grade availability. Pure solutions are always-on, always fast, and always secure. They’re self-managing, and plug-n-play simple. They’re also cloud-connected, giving you the agility of cloud-based managementpredictive analytics, and unrivaled support and protection.

Our software-defined storage is always efficient. We save you 10x on space and up to 10x on flash while consolidating all your tiers and workloads. And we deliver that efficiency via zero compromise data services that are fully automatable and extensible for self-service consumption.

Private Cloud that talks to the Public

One platform for backup, files, objects, test/dev, and analytics

Our Cohesity global partnership allows companies to link all Flash Storage using Pure, and Cohesity into a single meshed solution and access Public Cloud suhc as AWS and Azure via built in and proven integration. Simplify your data protection environment end-to-end by eliminating legacy backup silos, efficiently protecting virtual, physical, and cloud environments, and ensuring rapid recovery to any point in time with instant restore whenever you need it.