Enterprise Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration

What is Collaboration?

Today, collaboration technology covers everything from a personal and business communications perspective. Small, medium and large meeting rooms are being equipped with an ever more simplified set of technologies to enable point to multipoint video and audio conferencing meetings. It starts with instant message and presence, collaboration and meeting apps on smartphones and desktops and ends with high definition follow me cameras, touch screen content sharing and interactive whiteboards with beamforming microphones and powerful speakers. Gone are the days when a meeting room costs the Earth to fit out with professional AV/VC. In addition, handsets are a thing of the past for the user where mobility is King and softphones rule with Active Noise Cancelling headsets with high quality audio capability. NEXION not only provides the secure, intelligent network in order to optimise the bandwidth to make Collaboration really sing we work with a number of specialist partners in providing solutions from Microsoft, Cisco (including Broadsoft), Polycom, Crestron; but also in the optimised meeting room space with the leading software vendors and specialist AV/VC professionals. As with everything NEXION does, you can’t have ONE without the other…

Collaboration in the Cloud

NEXION enables Intelligent Communications from any Cloud Collaboration provider. Whether that’s Cisco Collaboration Flex or Microsoft Teams or any of our interoperability vendors like StarLeaf, NEXION provides that secure intelligent connectivity to the Cloud. The critical aspect of providing high quality voice and video for the users is the network and the efficient routing of the traffic. Voice and video are the most important data packets and HD Video and Voice cannot suffer any intermittent packet loss or jitter, that’s where NEXION’s strength lies in working with our partners and customers to guarantee every Collaboration application works perfectly, all of the time.

Collaboration as a Service

Intelligent communications experts

In order to provide Intelligent Communications, it’s critical to understand your future cloud strategy and therefore how you access those public, private and hybrid cloud services. You can’t have ONE without the other, so you can’t have Intelligent Communications solutions without secure Intelligent Connectivity and that’s where NEXION excels, in providing security, SDN and the right Internet Access method at the home, office, business, factory, depot, plant and remote rural project.

The Workforce is changing and so are our Workstreams. Automation and Machine Learning is on the way. We must do more with less and at NEXION we see this as an opportunity to develop Collaboration Assistants to help users with their meetings, calls and general communications with Robotic Process Automation built on API’s to extend the capabilities of the Tier1 vendor solutions we provide.

If you are not ready for full Cloud Collaboration, don’t worry, NEXION has you covered. The carriers are going to turn of ISDN within the next 12 months. So, if you have an older system still on ISDN, don’t worry, NEXION can provide Enterprise grade SIP services to replace ISDN with minimal fuss. You get to keep your numbers, your phone system and your current infrastructure, we will simply provide the equipment and secure network solution that will sit over the top and essentially fool the old phone system in to thinking its still on ISDN.

Once we have helped you migrate off ISDN on to SIP then we can help you plan more of that move to the Cloud where eventually all of your software and applications will reside. This is the exact reason why NEXION has invested so heavily in a Cloud-First strategy where we own the Data Centres to host customers Private Clouds, we’ve connected those Data Centres to the largest Data Centre Cloud fabrics in the World where secure access to thousands of Cloud providers can be achieved in milliseconds. NEXION has also invested in Platforms and Infrastructure so you don’t have to, where storage, compute and Worldwide security services can be managed through ONE provider 24/7, on a single pain of glass, or User Interface.

NEXION enables you to focus on your business and your people, we’ll take care of your ICT. As we grow with each other we can even build Bots and AI in to the Collaboration stack to assist users, making their day to lives easier and more productive.